Ride-hailing drivers say they're doing their best to stay safe from coronavirus

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Uber and Lyft drivers say they are doing their best to keep safe during the coronavirus outbreak, but they haven't been getting much support from ride-hailing companies. 

Uber and Lyft drivers across the Philadelphia area say they're frustrated because they haven't gotten much support from the companies and have been depending on common sense to get them through.

One driver said her business has slowed a bit, but she was expecting some help from Uber. She and other drivers were advised by the company's support team to use the regular emergency protocol for the flu and cold — basics, but nothing else.

"I just keep my windows down so the air will keep flowing out like that," she added. 

Another driver said he got a little direction from Uber about a week ago.

"Yes, they sent an email saying 'wash hands and use sanitizer.' You know," he said. 

But another driver, Brian, said he's not worried at all. 

"Business has been great actually. Anything that is going to impact our business, Lyft contacts us," he said. 

Raymond Estrada, a ride-hailing customer, says he uses the car services companies too often and wants to rely on them to keep him safe.

"I haven't received anything from them about what their protocol is, so it's up to myself," Estrada said. 


KYW Newsradio contacted Uber and Lyft for a statement, but has not gotten a response.