Montgomery County finalizes plans for polling locations

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Montgomery County has finalized its remaining 11 polling locations Tuesday, ensuring the county will have its normal number of polls open on Election Day.

Montgomery County will have about 300 polling places, though board of elections chair and Commissioner Ken Lawrence said they had to find a new location for 83 polling places.

“If you plan to vote by mail you can absolutely do that, there’s plenty of time. And if you plan to vote in person, we’re going to have over 300 polling locations. We will have all the health and safety accommodations there,” he said.

County chief operating officer Lee Soltysiak pointed out that while there’s been some confusion and legal battles over the expansion of mail-in voting, “as frustrating as it’s felt at times, combined with the level of anxiety out there, it literally has never been easier to vote.”

Lawrence said the pandemic remains a variable, but overall, they want to reassure voters they’re ready.

“There are always things that will happen around an election, but three weeks out now, with the number of ballots we have mailed and are getting returned and where we are with our polling locations, I think we’re in good shape,” he said.

Lawrence and Soltysiak both say the primary offered a good lesson, but in June, they had to scale up on the fly. Now they say they have a roadmap.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Moussa81/Getty Images