Pennsylvania House Republicans release COVID-19 economic recovery plan


HARRISBURG, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Pennsylvania House Republicans released an economic plan, last week, which they say would lead to the state's "COVID-comeback."

State House speaker Kerry Benninghoff said the House GOP's plan would lay out a roadmap to recovery in Pennsylvania.

The package of bills would reduce the corporate net income tax rate, bring what the GOP calls permit-predictability from the state department of environmental protection by ensuring permitting decisions are made quicker, and it would create a committee to review opportunities for development of new industries to prepare for jobs of the future.

"We want people working. We want them well-trained and we want them to be successful," said Benninghoff.

State Rep. Mike Reese, who sponsored the review committee bill, said if we learn anything from 2020, it should be, "we're reliant on other countries who don't care how we do in the U.S."

"So I hope we look back at 2020 and we recognize it as the time that we decided to take steps to invest in our commonwealth, invest in our nation and ultimately return jobs to here in Pennsylvania," he said.

Republicans have been critical of Gov. Tom Wolf, claiming he's more interested in press conferences than in working with the satte legislature. State Rep. Josh Kail from western Pennsylvania poked fun at the governor's efforts to legalize recreational marijuana.

"Let's be honest, we are not going to be able to smoke our way to prosperity," he said. "We need a pro-jobs agenda."

Democrats question the timing of the announcement, pointing out there are only a few voting days left in this session, so there isn't much hope of the bills moving forward. They call the plan “election politics” and say the emphasis is misplaced.