Pennsylvania ranks poorly for job opportunities and employment growth

As postpandemic momentum continues to build for the job market and overall economy, WalletHub released its findings from a new study on Thursday.

The finance-based website did a deep dive to compare the states and how their economic recovery and employment rates have come along in recent months.

In May alone, 559,000 jobs were added to the pool of available opportunities, but how did Pennsylvania stack up in the individual metrics compared to some of the other states?

WalletHub used a rubric of 35 key indicators for their study, ranging from employment growth to median annual income to average commute time.

Here are some of Pennsylvania's rankings in major categories:

43rd in job opportunities
35th in employment growth
15th in monthly average starting salary
42nd in unemployment rate
23rd in median annual income (adjusted for cost of living)
18th in average length of work week (in Hours)
38th in average commute time (in minutes)
40th in job satisfaction
41st in COVID-19 positive tests in the past week per capita