NJ site offers mental health help with digital therapy

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and both are being tested during the pandemic.

New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies vice president of public affair and member services, Shauna Moses, said it helps that more people are having discussions about mental health openly as the impact of mental health affects everyone.

Pandemic isolation, she said, is also challenging.

"Everyone is under a lot of stress and facing many challenges," she said. “This is even more true for those with underlying mental or medical conditions, so the mental impact of the pandemic or medical conditions or both can be even more severe."

To help this need, a New Jersey company is offering an innovative way for people to reach out.

The company, GoMo Health, offers digital therapeutics by providing people with coping techniques, ways to reduce anxiety, stress, sleep disorders and more.

By using your cell phone or mobile device, chatbots reach out to you daily for wellness check ups. The chatbots will give you a task and then follow up.

Chief behavioral technologist Bob Gold said these tasks can remind users to call a loved one, or tell users about recipes or uplifting songs. By texting the word “mood,” he said, the chatbot knows the user needs a mood booster.

“This works well for compromised patients,” Gold said, “whether it be cancer, COPD, or depression. What is helpful is something that can be present in their home."

GoMo Health is licensed to hospitals, health care plans and state health organizations. It doesn't replace an office or a telemedicine check up with your doctor.

"Resources like apps that augment mental health care can really make a tremendous difference,” Moses said.