The ratings are in from last night's Biden, Trump town halls

By , 1010 WINS

While it may be up for discussion who performed better at Thursday night's town halls, there is one definite ratings winner: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

President Donald Trump appeared in a 60-minute town hall on NBC moderated by Savannah Guthrie which kick off at 8 p.m., while Biden's town hall on ABC with George Stephanopoulos also began at 8 p.m. but lasted 90 minutes.

Biden's town hall averaged 13.9 million viewers on ABC, according to Nielsen ratings, while Trump's town hall averaged 10.6 million viewers on NBC.

Trump's town hall was also carried on MSNBC and CNBC, but even after factoring in those broadcasts, Trump still fell short: On MSNBC, Trump reached 1.74 million viewers, and on CNBC, about 671,000 viewers. So Trump's gross audience across the three channels was 13 million -- about 1 million less than Biden still.

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