RADIO.COM LIVE: Royal Blood tells us why they 'felt like the house disco band from the death star'

'It's like we were in AC/DC or Black Sabbath, but we were the house band at a dance floor party'

Need a pick me up for when coffee just won’t do the trick? Play Royal Blood and play it loud.

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The English duo delivered an electrifying RADIO.COM LIVE performance seeing the rockers perform their new single “Trouble’s Coming” along with several hits from previous records.

It’s been three years since Royal Blood released their sophomore album How Did We Get So Dark?, but the duo has been hard at work on their upcoming third record ever since. Despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Royal Blood had already completed a good portion of the album. “70% of it was done pre-lockdown,” frontman Mike Kerr told RADIO.COM’s Megan Holiday.

“We were actually recording the record when we went into lockdown,” Kerr added. After the band was able to reconvene in their studio, they wrote “two or three more songs for the record” that Kerr calls “probably some of the best songs on the record.”

“Lockdown was pretty creative for us,” he added.

Another benefit stemming from quarantine was the fact Kerr and his bandmate Ben Thatcher could gain perspective on the album’s recording process while they were in the midst of making it. “Usually you’re so immersed in it that you don’t really get time to reflect on it until it’s out and finished,” Kerr said.

“Also, there was something about the whole experience that was so pressure free,” he added. “It wasn’t like your whole industry is slowed down, the whole world has gone into this state.”

“It felt like we had this time to go away and write some extra songs for no reason. And that’s the best place to be when being creative, when it’s ultimately for yourself and no other kind of motives. It was a healthy experience.”

A week ago, the band posted a video of Sam Rockwell’s famous dance from Charlie’s Angels set to their new single “Trouble’s Coming.”

“I wasn’t joking when I said it was such a stimulating idea. The disco and dance music we love, it doesn’t necessary have that alpha element to it. That scene of him dancing was like a reminder that a tyrant can still have a good time.”

“We were like, ‘hang on a minute we can make these heavy rock songs danceable?’” Kerr said. “It was like we were in AC/DC or Black Sabbath, but we were the house band at a dance floor party... We felt like the house disco band for the death star.”

The duo also touched on their relationship with legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. While they’re not at the place yet where they can send him songs whenever they’d like, good stuff happens when they’re together. “A majority of the time we spend together we’re handing each other awards, which is an interesting way to get to know someone,” Kerr said.

Before we let them go, we had to find out a crucial bit of information… When’s the album coming out? Ben broke the news saying it’ll arrive “spring, 2021.”

“It’s just good fun, that’s what this record is,” Kerr added. “Worst case scenario it makes a great frisbee and a great stick bag.”

Royal Blood RADIO.COM LIVE Setlist
1) Trouble’s Coming
2) Little Monster
3) Out Of the Black
4) Lights Out

This performance is no longer available, but please enjoy the full interview above.

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