Delayed garbage pick-up leads to "trash parade" to New Orleans City Hall

Photo credit Getty Images

Fed up New Orleans residents paraded from Elysian Fiends and St. Claude to New Orleans City Hall to protest the city’s failure to deal with the mountains of festering filth lining the streets.

While the "parade" took a carnival-esque approach, the march was not a celebration.

"We are trying to make light of the situation by having a parade, but it’s not a joke it’s very serious," said Faubourg Marigny resident Aaron Grant, who helped organize the demonstration.

"All I see around me is piles and piles of trash, cans are overflowing, trees chopped up, flies, the entire city is wallowing in festering garbage right now, why?"

Thursday, New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell announced the city would begin a “Mardi Gras style” trash collection of excess garbage bags to try and address the situation.