Greg Davies making Ryan Gosling cry with laughter will do the same to you

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File this under laugh until you cry and refer to it again and again. It's guaranteed to take your mind off all the terrible stuff that keeps you awake at night and revel in a moment of pure joy.

Please note, this is not a new interview but if you've never seen it, and I suspect you haven't, it's new to you. And when something stays this funny over time you know it's good.

This happened in 2016 when Ryan and Russell were promoting Nice Guys (which if you haven't seen, is an incredibly fun movie --- you need to watch it). Greg Davies is a British actor, writer, comedian who created a TV show in the UK called Man Down which is loosely based on his life. He was also a seconday school teacher for 15 years. G

Greg, at the urging of host Graham Norton, tells the true story of a time when his mother did his laundry and I almost can't decide which is funnier: the story itself or Ryan Gosling totally losing it while listening. Also, this is definitely NSFW.

I'm crying again as I write this. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does! What a master story teller. I'd give anything to have Greg Davies at all of my supper parties. You know he's everyone's favorite guest. Now that you know the end watch it again and I swear it will be even funnier.

Hold on to this and watch anytime you need to laugh your head off. It really is the best medicine.