This Is How Tracee Ellis Ross Has Been Working Out At Home All Pandemic Long

Photo credit Getty Images
Tracee Ellis Ross looks fantastic on the cover of Shape Magazine so she clearly has not been "carbing up" like the rest of us during the quarantine. She tries to stay away from sugar, dairy and gluten and calls herself the 'queen of the salad' which doesn't sound exciting but once she describes what she's making, you'll want to try it.

And when it comes to exercise, here's what she has to say:

        “I have consistently been doing Tracy Anderson for many years. What I love is that it keeps me interested. It allows for a deep connection within my body where the workout is more about how it feels — beautiful and sexy and strong while I’m doing it. I work out mostly for that strength. When I’m strong, I can make it through so much. It allows my mind and my heart to go in all different directions because I don’t have to worry about my stamina.”

She covers a bunch of topics including loneliness, joy and perfection. Tracee shares her skincare regime (she's serious about her moisturizers) which is interesting because she uses stuff you and I can easily afford. How refreshing.