Earth Day 2020 50th Celebration is happening!

Earth Day 50th
Photo credit Regina Tolgyesi / Getty Images.

Earth Day's Big 50th celebration will not be stopped due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Earth Day will be celebrated in digital fashion around the world with the theme ... TOGETHER, WE EARTHRISE! A global digital mobilization that drivces actions big and small. EARTHRISE iwll fill the digital landscape w/ converstaions, calls to ation, performances, video teach-ins and more. Earth Day digital has the same goes to mobilize the world to take the most meaningful actions to make a difference for Earth.  No matter where you are, together a difference can be made . 

Earth Day's call to action is driven by S.A.V.E.
  • Speak up
  • Act
  • Vote
  • Educate

Click here for all the 4111Things you can do to help make a difference:

Earth Day 2020 matters now more than ever. While physical distancing doing 1 Thing each day, and keeping it going will help all of us and the environment. Celebrate Earth Day's 50th and Take Action!