Need A Gift Idea? Franklin BBQ Ships Nationwide

Franklin BBQ Austin, Texas
Photo credit John M Zenor

Not everyone has had the opportunity (or the time) to know the joy and camaraderie of the Franklin BBQ line.  Sure it's long, but that's just part of the experience.  Plus, all of those people wouldn't have lined up for so long for so many years if Franklin's BBQ was overrated.  Before the pandemic, the line at Franklin's was like a tailgate party with no football game.  Lot's of people, folding chairs and cold beer.  If you're not having fun in the Franklin line, you're in line with the wrong people.

At the end of that line, like the the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a plate of Franklin BBQ.  Served by Aaron himself.  I guess things look a little different in front Franklin's these days, but you can still order in advance for pick up and they've just announced nationwide delivery.  So now the other 49 can know what Texas and Austin has known for years.  Thant's d___ good brisket!

And now, it's easy to give and get as a gift.  Enjoy!