Help reach ATX's goal of Zero Waste with 1Thing at Home

Bob's Beer Can Bar a 2020 1Thing at Home
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As we continue to work more from home, it is good to do 1Thing practices. With ATX going for the goal of Zero Waste by 2040, here are 5 exercises from our friends at the Austin Resource Recovery that we can do at home, and with our families. We can stretch our 1Thing muscles to help the communities where we live while staying COVID- cautious. 

Austin Resource Recovery at home exercises to reach zero waste.

Exercise 1: Waste reduction warm up

  • Reuse your stuff in a creative way. Worn out t-shirts can turn into shopping bags. Donate to local businesses or upcycle turning your things into something else. Many thrift stores are offering online ordering, curbside pickups and outdoor sales.

Exercise 2: Repair your things, repeat

  • Fix what you already have rather than tossing it. Fix-It At Home! It’s an online repair workshop series, part of Fix-It Austin. It teaches you how to repair household items and learn other skills from the comfort of your home.

Exercise 3: Food waste workout

  • Whether you are ordering takeout or cooking / baking more, don’t trash the leftovers / food waste. Uneaten food has many benefits. Click here to see how Composting turns your uneaten food into an eco-friendly benefit.

Exercise 4: Yard trimmings & lawn cart – breaking a sweat

  • More time at home with more time for lawn care. Since Mach 2020 in Austin yard trimming collection has increased 89%. You can find a way to put them to good use by ‘grass-cycling’.  Composting or turning them into mulch. Learn more about reusing yard trimmings.

Exercise 5: Stretch your stuff

Post  zero-waste workout

  • Ordering more things online brings you more packing materials such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. It’s important to recycle these properly when the time comes that their use is of no use to you. You can find out what to do with just about anything with the What do I do with Tool. Download the Austin Recycles App for Apple or Android. 

Repeating these at home exercises will show big win 1Thing results, and help Austin get closer to the Zero Waste goal.

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