Unexpected things that can be compost

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Composting is a great way to get rid of food scraps, and avoid more wasted food in landfills. The holidays tend to create more waste. While keeping up w/ the food scrap composting, here are several other items that you may be able to compost.  Give it a try before trashing them. Make it a #1Thing Win for you and the environment.  

7 unexpected things you can compost:
  1. Price tags on clothing.  If made out of paper, they are too tiny to be recycled curbside. Put them in the compost pile.  
  2. Tea, paper wrappers, tag & probably the bag.  If the wrapper is made of paper, and the tea bag is made of cloth (cotton) or filter paper, try composting it.
  3. Bamboo skewers, wooden chopsticks, toothpicks & matchsticks.  Small single-use wooden kitchen tools can all be composted. Break them in half to fit. 
  4. Tissue paper.   It's low quality paper, so the fibers don't have good recycling value. Add it to the compost. (minus glitter or sparkles)
  5. Kitchen single- use paper products.  Napkins, paper towels, uncoated paper cups and plates, by ripping them up, makes them easy to compost.
  6. Spent potting soil.  Add it to your compost to add back more nutrients. 
  7. Shredded paper.  Not a friendly way to recycle since the strips tangle up in the recycling center machinery. If you don't have an option of disposing shredded paper without the recycling issues, compost it. 

Here's a composting cheat sheet for the basics. Try it and see what works best for you.