Central Health brings expanded care to MAP patients

The purpose of Central Health's Healthcare Equity Plan is to provide better healthcare to the community it serves
Central Health
Photo credit Central Health

When Central Health developed its Healthcare Equity Plan, it had one primary purpose in mind – to provide better healthcare to the community it serves.

After the Central Health Board of Managers approved the Healthcare Equity Plan in February, the organization created a Fiscal Year 2023 budget that will best serve this goal.

Both the plan and the budget were created in part from input by Travis County residents, especially Medical Access Program (MAP) and MAP Basic patients, as well as a thorough health needs assessment of the population served, and an assessment of Central Health’s strengths and opportunities to improve local healthcare.

There are several key areas being addressed during the upcoming Fiscal Year which will make access to healthcare more equitable in our community:

• Access & Capacity: Central Health will continue their expansion into Eastern Travis County with the openings of our new clinics in Del Valle and Hornsby Bend, as well as the re-developed facility at historic Rosewood-Zaragosa, which will become a multi-specialty clinic. All of these facilities will open in 2023.

• Care Coordination: They will implement the Epic electronic health management system, which focuses on transitions of care and meaningful exchange of information, so that patients don’t fall out of care as they move across the healthcare system.

• Member Engagement: They will implement the MyChart patient portal, giving our patients secure access to their physicians, medical records, and test results.

Another major change is that for the first time in FY 2023, Central Health will be offering MAP & MAP Basic patients direct medical care in addition to healthcare services purchased through our partners.

MAP patients are Travis County residents who live below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, which works out to $27,180 for an individual and $55,500 for a family of four.

The additional funding this year in the FY 2023 budget will cover primary, specialty, and behavioral healthcare, substance use treatment, and pharmacy services. All of these are key areas identified in the Healthcare Equity Plan.

The plan identified Eastern Travis County as one of the most critical areas of need for services. Central Health is building two new primary care health and wellness clinics – in Del Valle and Hornsby Bend – that are scheduled to open in the fall of 2023.

In addition, Central Health is renovating the historic Rosewood-Zaragosa Clinic into a state-of-the-art facility that will offer six specialties for MAP patients – podiatry, neurology, nephrology, pulmonology, cardiology, and gastroenterology.

The new fiscal year begins on Oct. 1.