Karson & Kennedy: 'Bachelor' Alum Caroline Lunny Details Journey with COVID-19


As COVID-19 confirmed cases continue to increase we are finding out that more celebrities have tested positive for the virus.

Bachelor alum Caroline Lunny called into RADIO.COM's Karson & Kennedy of Mix 104.1 today to talk about her journey with COVID-19. "I'm feeling great actually" she told the show.

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"I have COVID -- I think I thought I didn't have it because I thought I was just being a little hypochondriac and like a little feeding into the paranoia" she revealed. "I originally got my test results and it said like negative, but that was for Influenzea A, B and RSV. And then a couple days later my doctor called my mom..." 

How does one handle receiving the news from her mother? "I laughed when she told me, which is so weird, but I just panicked and didn't know what else to do -- how are you supposed to react when finding out you're a part of the pandemic?"

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Even though the virus can be fatal it's important to know that you can also have the virus without extreme symptoms, which is a crucial part of stopping the spread. Lunny detailed her symptoms and noted "people who are out there you can definitely have COVID and not fee like you're on your death bed -- stay home!" Social distancing and self-isolation is extremely important.

"I haven't even announced on my Instagram that I have COVID. I think I wanted to make sure I made the rounds and phone calls...I really wanted to make sure people didn't find out from my Instagram." Lunny previously hosted an event with Karson & Kennedy, before contracting the virus, but she wanted to let everyone know whom she was around.

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Although she believes she caught the virus during a travel to North Carolina she talked about an encounter with a "creepy" man at the Bachelor finale viewing party who open mouth kissed her hand -- which one should never do -- so she's choosing to say that was how she got it.

It's important that you follow CDC guidelines on social distancing and washing your hands! If you need some hand washing tips then watch Karson & Kennedy's music video for "Wash Your Hands" below....