Charlie Puth Joins Karson & Kennedy To Talk 'Light Switch' and Benny Blanco Drama

Bet you didn't know the note of a Hess Truck.

Charlie is BACK.

Charlie Puth joined Karson & Kennedy for the latest edition of Karson & Kennedy Talk With Famous People!

The Mix Beach House alum shared how happy he is that the new single, Light Switch, is FINALLY out so fans stop bothering him on TikTok.

He also talked about his upcoming album, Charlie, and how he is in a total mode of 'oversharing.' He doesn't want to hide anything from fans this time around.

Charlie opened up about his TikTok fame, and that he doesn't feel pressure to post regularly - he only posts when he genuinely wants to share something. He also said that he hopes that showing the process of creating songs on TikTok inspires musicians and non-musicians to be creative.

Kennedy wanted to get to the bottom of this Benny Blanco drama. Charlie's answer may surprise you...

If you didn't know, Charlie has the gift of perfect pitch. So K&K brought some items, including a Hess Truck, and Charlie matched the note to each object... a genius.

The Arbella Fan Question centered around the pressure around creating this entire album alone - from songwriting, to singing, to producing. Charlie said he spent a lot of time talking to himself, and tapping into different memories while creating this album.

Catch the full interview above!

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