Lizzo Joins K&K To Talk Success, Mental Health, and Bodyguard Remake


All the rumors are TRUE.

Lizzo joined Karson & Kennedy for the latest edition of Karson & Kennedy Talk With Famous People!

The body positivity queen talked about how she defines success, and how she will not let ANYONE steal her joy. Lizzo opened up about her latest single, 'Rumors,' with Cardi B and how people on the Internet were referring to it as a flop. She explained how she doesn't pay attention to the naysayers, rather she pays attention to her fans who love and consume her music.

Lizzo talked about how not letting the haters get inside her head as she sat in front her NAACP and GRAMMY Awards. No big deal.

She also opened up about her mental health, and how important is it to not only share her good days, but her bad days too. Lizzo and Kennedy bonded over the fact that if you can help one person realize they are not alone, that is all that matters.

Finally, Karson gave Lizzo to talk directly to her Internet husband - Chris Evans. Karson also asked about some rumors swirling around about the two of them being the stars of the Bodyguard remake, which left Lizzo absolutely speechless.

Lizzo didn't want to reveal too much, but looks like the rumors might become a reality...

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