Jenn takes a bite out of the BIG apple…

Just few important tips from NYC
Photo credit Jenn

A quick trip to New York City is exactly what the doctor ordered! No not really… I have a broken toe. Not the best idea to travel to a city that loves to be walked. However, I'm not passing up New York City. I grabbed my toe spacer, boot, and off I went!

The trip was planned around my family attending a Yankees game… I was just tagging along.

We landed late Friday night and got a bite to eat. Let’s just just be honest, the food in New York City is absolutely delicious.

(As long as you know where to go.)

Day 2 consisted of shopping and more food.

The family went to the game and I took some time to pamper myself. I went to the fanciest place in New York City… The upper east side to get my nails done.

Mani, pedi, and let’s toss in a massage too. It was absolutely relaxing and fabulous!

They broke out a steamer & the softest lotion … it smelled great! Cuticle trimming was to perfection and I even got a seated massage.

It wasn't just a light rub down, no no. We are talking a deep tissue massage. The kind that changed my life. Later we took a stroll down Times Square. We did the tourist thing, why not. Even got some ice cream that was in the shape of a flower. Can’t share a picture of that because I ate it too fast. The next day after walking countless miles (the toe held up quite well) we flew back home. Here’s the take-away from the weekend:

1. Fashion Nail and Spa, Upper East Side. Let Helen know I sent you.
You’re welcome.
2. Do yourself a huge favor… hit up Dumbo (Brooklyn) & eat some pasta at Time Out Market. Everything is made fresh daily.
Your life will change.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jenn