Sticking To The Basics With Jenn

Jenn Vs Digital
Photo credit Jenn

A girl walks into a bar….and joins her friends.
As they sip their wine and discuss future trips, they begin to book travel. Before travel payments become a future task, she decides to pay her friend immediately. In her mind, there is no time like the present.

As she breaks out her checkbook, her friends sit in awe as he/they are in disbelief. It's a blast from the past, apparently.

Checkbooks...just like fax, rotary phones, dialing 411, chopping wood, riding horses in to town, and using paper calendars... all things of the past.

Ok, I get some of those options are archaic but checkbooks and paper calendars?!

Well, if you haven't caught on by now that girl in the bar is me.
I hit up the "interweb" to back up my solid decisions to use paper and pens… for all the things.

Check out my list of “I- TOLD- YOU- SO’S” below:

*With paper comes fewer distractions.

*Writing by hand promotes information recall which causes less anxiety and stress.

*Writing is like active meditation. Making sense of those jumbled thoughts and ideas can ease the mind.

*70% of Americans are suffering from digital eye strain.

(Guess who is not straining?!)

There’s just something about a nice calendar or financial outline that digital cannot provide for me. Give me a good wall calendar, sharpies, highlighters and watch me work!
Sure I should progress at some point but...
“If it aint broke then why fix it?"
(Says the girl who still has an AOL account and misses Oregon Trail immensely)