Are Disinfectant Wipes Safe To Clean My Phone?

Person cleans cell phone
Photo credit Getty Images Михаил Руденко

Exactly how dirty is your phone?  A 2013 study by Mashable found there are approximately 25,127 bacteria per square inch on your phone.  That means your your phone harbors more bacteria than a toilet seat, a screen at the supermarket, your pet's food dish, the kitchen counter, or the handles you grab to open a door. 

And that study was done well before the scare of COVID19.  Think about that the next time you scroll through Facebook, post on Reddit, or create that TikTok video right before grabbing your food or touching your face!  

So what can you use to keep the phone clean?  It's okay to use a Clorox wipe, or a homemade wipe that contains 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the display, keyboard (if there is one), or other exterior surfaces. 

Apple has more information at the link.  And CNet has some tips for you, too!   

Stay safe and keep that screen clean!