What's Trending 11/14/22: Black Panther Wakanda Forever represents one of the best premieres of the year

Also Trending: Derek Carr gets emotional in a post game interview and Dunkin is bringing back Free Coffee Mondays.
Black Panther Wakanda Forever
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What’s Trending: Monday, November 14th, 2022


o   “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” had a huge weekend in the box office, earning an estimated $180 million in North America.

o   It represents one of the best premieres of the year and makes the superhero film the highest-grossing debut ever for the month of November.

o   The original record belonged to “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” which made $158 million in November 2013.

o   Globally, the film has made $330 million so far.


o   The Las Vegas Raiders lost again yesterday and their quarterback has had enough.

o   He became emotional after the team lost their fourth-quarter lead in a 25-20 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

o   The Colts’ newly appointed head coach Jeff Saturday had never coached an NFL game before Sunday.

o   After the game, Carr said, ““I can’t speak for everybody, I know where I stand - I love the Silver and Black. I’m going to give it everything I can every time I go out there. And I can’t speak for everybody, for every man what’s going on in their head, but I can tell you what’s going on in my head and I’m going to give it all that I can every single time.”

o  He also said, “I’m sorry for being emotional, I’m just (ticked) off. But some of the things that a lot of us try and do just to practice, what we put our bodies through just to sleep at night, and for that to be the result of all that effort, it (ticks) me off.

o   The Raiders are now 2-7, the second-worst record in the NFL.


o   You can start your week off right with free coffee from Dunkin!

o   They are bringing back Free Coffee Mondays for Dunkin’ Rewards members during the month of November.

o   During Free Coffee Mondays, members will get a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase on Mondays through November 28, 2022.

o   Coffee fans can start the week off with Original Blend, Dunkin’ Midnight, Holiday Blend, or Decaf.

o   If you’re not already a Dunkin’ Rewards member, you can create an account via the Dunkin’ app or visit dunkinrewards.com and start earning points towards free food and drinks as part of your free membership.

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