National Teacher of the Year Juliana Urtubey Joins Mercedes in the Morning!

Juliana Urtubey, Special Ed/ Pre-K teacher from Booker Elementary School, is named National Teacher of the Year and she joins Mercedes in the Morning!
Juliana Urtubey

Congratulations to Juliana Urtubey from Booker Elementary in Las Vegas on being named first Nevadan for National Teacher of the Year!

Juliana joined the show to talk about her great accomplishment and how she was surprised by first lady Dr. Jill Biden and how Juliana was lightweight fan girling Dr. Jill Biden.

Mercedes and J.C. talked to Juliana about what her students have to say about her and how it melts her heart, what she is going to do from now on after winning, how Juliana is originally from Colombia and how she was brought to Las Vegas, her nickname Ms. Earth-tubey, and more!

We are so happy for you Juliana! Congrats again!

Listen to Juliana join the show.