What's Trending 5/25/23: Tina Turner passes away at the age of 83

Also Trending: Taylor Swift is dropping a deluxe edition of Midnights and Netflix is cracking down on password-sharing
Tina Turner
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o   The music icon, widely referred to as “The Queen of Rock n Roll” passed away yesterday at the age of 83.

o   She rose to fame in the 1960s as part of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue, with her husband Ike Turner.

o   After escaping Ike's abuse in 1976, she did what she had to do to survive, before her solo career took off with her 1984 album "Private Dancer", featuring the hits "What's Love Got to Do with It""Better Be Good to Me", and the title track.

o   The following year, she played Aunty Entity in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome", featuring her hit song "We Don't Need Another Hero".

o    Tina sold 200 million albums and won eight Grammys.

o   Tina's 1986 memoir "I, Tina" detailed Ike's abuse and her journey back to the top.  It inspired the 1993 movie "What's Love Got to Do with It", starring Angela Bassett.

o   Tina credited her legendary stamina to exercise, eating well, and never smoking, drinking, or doing drugs.


o   In the midst of her Eras Tour and releasing (Taylor's Version)s of her previous albums, Taylor Swift has another surprise for us.

o    She is dropping a deluxe edition of her latest album, that she’s calling the Midnights (Til Dawn Edition). 

o   She announced that the song “Karma” be getting a new remix featuring rising rap superstar Ice Spice.

o   Also, there will be a new version of the Lana Del Rey collab “Snow on the Beach” that has more Lana on it.

o   And we will be getting a “vault track” from Midnights called “You’re Losing Me.”

o   The new deluxe edition will be released tonight!


o   They have started rolling out their crackdown on password-sharing in the U.S.

o   From here on out, anyone using your account better live with you . . . because they're charging another $7.99 for anyone living outside your home to use your account.

o   Premium subscribers can add up to two non-household members, while standard plan subscribers can only add one.

o   Primary account holders will have to set a household location on their devices, although you'll still be able to use your account when you travel.

o   And don't bank on customer outrage making all of this go away.

o   Netflix has already started doing it in other countries, and they've seen an increase in paid memberships in some regions, including Canada.

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