What's Trending 3/24/23: Tom Brady acquires ownership interest in the Las Vegas Aces

Also Trending: Taylor Swift is performing at Allegiant Stadium this weekend and the new Cadbury Bunny is a cat!
Tom Brady
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What’s Trending: Friday, March 24th, 2023

#Tom Brady

o   We may be seeing more of the seven-time Super Bowl champion in town!

o   He just acquired an ownership interest in our very own Las Vegas Aces!

o   He made the announcement on social media yesterday saying, “My love for women’s sports began at a young age when I would tag along to all my older sisters’ games—They were by far the best athletes…LFG!”

o   The response from the ladies has been great with Kelsey Plum posting “WHAT ISSSSSS LIFFEEEEEEE”


o   If you haven’t heard she is performing tonight and tomorrow at Allegiant Stadium!

o   It’s the second stop of her Eras tour.

o   Yesterday her merch truck sold out for the day and it will reopen at 12pm today.

o   And Taylor is giving back to our city as we welcome her.

o   Yesterday, Three Square tweeted, “We are thrilled to announce that @taylorswift13 has made a generous gift to Three Square, allowing us to provide thousands of meals to families and individuals struggling with hunger. Thank you to Ms. Swift for supporting our mission and local community. 🧡”


o   This year’s Cadbury Bunny tryouts are over as a new one has been chosen, and for the first time ever, it’s a cat.

o   Crash the one-eyed rescue kitty will serve as the candy company’s mascot, after receiving “an impressive number of votes” from animal lovers across the country, according to Cadbury.

o   Crash is an eight-year-old orange and white feline from Boise, Idaho, who’s been through a lot in the last few years. He was rescued after a “devastating car accident” that left him with one eye and severe injuries. The kitty was placed in a shelter to recover and he quickly won the hearts of staff with his “quirky, outgoing personality” and by doing tricks like giving high fives.

o   The winner of the Cadbury Bunny contest will receive $5,000 for himself and a shelter of his choice.

o   Plus, he’ll star in Cadbury's famous Clucking Bunny commercial, with his ad debuting March 25th.

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