Las Vegas real estate: Low supply, high demand

What has our market red-hot, and how can our offer rise above the rest?

It's all about "supply and demand".

With droves of people across the country looking for a place with low taxes, great weather, and inexpensive (compared to where they are coming from) real estate, Las Vegas is an attractive option for many! And many Las Vegans are privy to the first rule of gambling: don't fold a good hand.

So many valley homeowners are sitting on high equity and a newly refinanced home at a rock bottom interest rate, that few are deciding to sell - barring moving from the city. This has led to the market having only three weeks of real estate inventory on-hand!

So how can a prospective buyer improve their odds of having their offer approved for the home they've always wanted?

Shawn Tempesta spoke with Linda Bertuzzi of Nova Home Loans and Beth Rossum of Rossum Realty to get a look at today's market and see how to make our offer stand out above the rest.

Linda Bertuzzi is a Senior Loan Officer with Nova Home Loans. You can reach her at 702-596-9565 or visit her website.

Beth Rossum is a Realtor/Broker with Rossum Realty. You can reach her at 702-368-1850 or visit her website.

This article is sponsored by Nova Home Loans.