Zara Larsson on the mental health advocate in her life that 'won't take no for an answer'

'Having that person… I’m really thankful for that'
Zara Larsson
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During a recent chat with Audacy, Zara Larsson opened up about mental health, and spoke about the tools, or rather the person, that help's her maintain it.

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When asked what tools he uses to help maintain her mental health, Zara admitted, “I know what you’re supposed to do and I don’t always use them." Which is why she's “so thankful that I live with my sister as of now, because she can see when I feel a little low and down. If I don’t have a busy schedule I used to just lay still… And that’s nice for a day or maybe two, but when you reach like three, four, five days and you don’t move, that’s like…”

"I also have really really bad PMS, and I get really dark, so she just knows, she drags me out of bed,” Zara said of her sister’s preemptive actions, that include going on walks. “She’s like ‘go out and see the sun,’ and just like having that person… I’m really thankful for that.”

“I know you’re supposed to take walks, exercise, get some sunshine, eat your greens, but when you feel really low it’s hard to actually do those things, so I’m super grateful she won’t take no for an answer," Zara said. Adding that “afterwards… when you get out into the fresh are… you always do feel better.”

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