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Hi there, I'm Dishwasher, the big, lovable, and oh-so-enthusiastic 2-year-old pup with a heart as vast as my paws are big! I'm about 70 pounds now, but I'm working on putting on weight, and my goal weight is about 80-90 pounds. You know those moments when you're having a rough day and all you need is a big, slobbery kiss and a warm, furry hug? That's where I come in! I'm a firm believer in the power of cuddles and play to make any situation better. My gangly legs and oversized ears might not be the most coordinated, but they sure do add a touch of whimsy to my spirited antics. Adventure is my middle name, and I approach life with a level of excitement that's positively contagious. Whether it's chasing after a fluttering leaf, investigating the mysteries of the backyard, or attempting to catch my own tail (a never-ending challenge, I tell ya!), I'm always up for some good ole canine capers.
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Featured Image Photo Credit: Richmond Animal League