Edie - Capital Area Rescue Effort

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BREED - Chihuahua
SIZE - About 5 pounds
AGE - 3-5 years
GENDER - Female
SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS - Edie is a very sweet dog who loves everyone. She is great with all people and with other small dogs. Edie came to CARE in May of 2021, almost triple her current weight. At that time she had limited mobility and had a collapsing trachea due to the amount of fat in her neck and throat area. We have taken great effort to get her weight down (now about 4 pounds) and keep it down. Once she lost weight, Edie had a stent implanted in her trachea to open the airway and she has done wonderfully with her surgical recovery and outcome. That said, if Edie gains any weight, it tends to affect the area of the surgery. We will take great care to place her only with an adopter who is experienced with very small dogs and who has a great veterinary history of keeping their pets in good physical condition. Because of her very small size, Edie will be a trip/fall hazard to those with mobility issues of their own. We are seeking a specific home for Edie. In addition to having an experienced owner, we will not place Edie in a home with small children, larger animals, or with any situation that could cause her accidental harm. She would do well with an owner who is at home a great deal of the time. She is pee-pad trained and is quite a couch potato. She would make an excellent lap dog!

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