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Hello, friends! My name is Oswald! I am considered special needs because I am blind, but don't let that fool you. I am so brave despite my lack of ability to see my surroundings. I'm currently in a foster home because the shelter is extra scary for dogs like me. It took me a night to settle in, but I quickly adjusted to my new surroundings. I get to play with so many toys! I enjoy playing with bones, but stuffies are my most favorite. I love tossing them around like a little kid! I will even take treats gently from your hand. It may take me a few days to find my food bowl. Sometimes it helps if you tap it with your finger to help me find it. Stairs make me a little nervous, but I can learn anything with time and patience. I prefer when you stand by me for moral support, but let me figure them out on my own. Because I can't see, I find it comforting when I know where my favorite people are. My foster mom talks to me all the time and makes noises to help me navigate around the house. I love people and snuggles more than anything! I am definitely a velcro dog and love to be right at your side. I am house-trained, but I do have to go outside often for potty breaks. Shoutout to my hooman friends who understand that the older you get, the more you pee! I enjoy the grass beneath my paws and wide, open spaces where I can run and not bonk my head into something at every turn. Other animals make me very nervous and uncomfortable, so I'm looking for a furever home where I can be your one and only companion. I may need a little more assistance than the average dog, but my love is incomparable and unconditional! Email caitlin.stallings@rva.gov if it sounds like we could be a good match!