Cooking Mistakes We're Supposedly Making

kitchen mistakes

If these Chefs are correct then maybe you should never be in a kitchen with Wicker or Wilde because we both make most of these mistakes. Someone recently asked professional chefs for the top cooking mistakes us average Joes are making. By the way, does cereal count as cooking?

Here are the highlights . . .

1. Don't use dull knives. You're actually more likely to cut yourself. So sharpen those babies up . . . then be careful. (We both have dull knives - are there even professional knife sharpeners out there anymore?)

2. Stop cutting your vegetables unevenly. If you take time to cut them evenly, they'll cook more evenly. Um, only professional chefs can make them all even.

3. Don't leave a huge mess of pots and pans. Knock out some of those dishes during prep, so it's not so overwhelming at the end. Wicker cleans up as his wife Sarah cooks, Wilde makes her mom do it. LOL

4. Taste everything as you go, and adjust if something doesn’t taste right. That way there's still time to fix it. Wilde does this.....mostly because she's always eating. Wicker says he waits til the end......

5. Stop constantly checking your food in the oven! Yeah, Wicker....he does this, Wilde doesn't. But if you do this, too, opening the door lets heat fly out, and your oven has to preheat again.