Adam Lambert Reveals He Was Supposed to Tour With Christina Aguilera, and Still Might

The singer dropped the news this weekend

As lawmakers begin the week with heated discussions over the need to return to business as usual, music fans are also looking to the future with cautious optimism about the return of concerts, in whatever form they may come.

While some acts are pushing dates into 2021, others are speaking about what could have been before the outbreak of COVID-19, and what still may come once we’re through the woods.

Singer Adam Lambert got everyone squirming over the weekend when responding to a fan about a song he and Christina Aguilera both worked on, separately.

“There was a whole plan to tour w @xtina this summer around the US. Big venues too," Lambert revealed on Twitter. "But unfortunately everything went into Lock Down before we were ready to announce."

The track in question is Aguilera’s “Just A Fool” off of her 2012 album Lotus, a duet featuring Blake Shelton. With the cat out of the bag about both singers’ interest in the song, fans are asking for them to perform it together while under quarantine.

We're hoping Lambert’s surprise about tour plans between the two being scrapped could get them onto a live stream together sooner or later.

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