Here’s how Benny Blanco’s wild night out with Ed Sheeran inspired Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’

Yes, this story involves a Domino's pizza

Writer and producer, Benny Blanco sat down with RADIO.COM's Karson and Annie from Boston’s Mix 104.1’s and shared his wild tale on how Justin Bieber’s "Love Yourself" came to be.

When asked if he had any good Ed Sheeran stories, all Benny could say was, “oh my god,” leading us to believe that Sheeran was clearly involved with somehow bringing “Love Yourself” to life.

After a crazy night of partying in Canada for Drake and Future’s album release party, Blanco and Sheeran got back on their tour bus to head back into the United States. After a quick detour at a Domino’s Pizza, where Benny says the employee allowed them to make their own pizza, the two stars decided to stay up all night waiting to get to the U.S. border.

In order to kill time before arriving at the border, Benny and Ed happened to sit down and write a song together. Benny explains, “we go to the back and we start writing the beginnings of a song, and we actually finished it the next day, and… that song was ‘Love Yourself.” Blanco adds, “I have so many stories with Ed because as a person who’s a friend like Ed and I... we didn’t even work like the first five times we met each other. He’s the best hang… he’s one of my closest friends. He’s amazing.”

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