RADIO.COM LIVE Check In with Lindsey Stirling

A decade in the making

Superstar violinist Lindsey Stirling joined us for a special RADIO.COM LIVE Check-In today as she’s in the midst of celebrating with her fans a full 10 years since bursting onto the music scene with her epic skills during the fifth season of America's Got Talent.

Stirling is also proud of her latest single, "Lose You Now," featuring Mako which was released in mid-January following her fifth studio album, 2019's Artemis. An emotional journey dealing with the loss of those closest to the singer, Lindsey spoke of the special bond she shared with her listeners after its release.

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“It’s been a really sweet experience to release this song after losing several people in my life that I just loved so much,” Lindsey told RADIO.COM's Julia.

“That was years ago for me, but it was almost kind of cathartic once again to kind of open up those feelings and see just how present they were for me. Then to see how real it was for my fans… all my fans were posting photos and videos of people that they lost that they loved,” she explains. “It felt like this community healing, not as we exposed our sadness, but we got to share… It was like a celebration of people we lost, and it was a really beautiful thing.”

In these days of social distancing and canceled plans, people are craving that sense of community more than ever. “We don’t get to connect in the same ways we used to and, I know myself,” Lindsey admits, “I crave it. So, it was cool to find that in a whole new way than I’ve ever experienced before.”

The experience ended up being very therapeutic, allowing her to acknowledge, embrace, and release feelings that she hadn’t known were building up. “I felt this huge amount of emotions that I haven’t felt in a while, which is always hard to go through… but at the same time it’s like this release."

Stirling's videos have historically been visually thrilling, and the clip for "Lose You Now" is right up there with the best. Her process for attaching a visual to a song varies she says, with ideas coming before, during, or even after a song is complete. For the new track's video it was the latter, she admits.

"If I haven't thought of an idea yet, I'll just listen to it over, and over, and over again," she explained. "It's like, 'what do I see, what do I feel?' That's kind of the case with this one. I loved the idea of this giant bag and carrying all these memories in this bag as if that was what was keeping me connected to the people I'd lost. Then, of course, in the end she realizes it's not the things that are keeping her close it's the fact that they'll always be with us in our hearts, in our spirits. It's so much bigger than the nicknacks that I do keep from the people that I've lost."

The emotional reaction videos that sprouted online after the release of the clip have been some of Stirling's favorite moments surrounding the new single. After viewing and editing the clip for so many hours, she says "it was so cool to be like, 'oh my gosh... it means something to somebody.'"

Finding herself more comfortable expressing emotions through her impeccable violin playing, Stirling's single with singer Mako originated as the instrumental "Guardian," from her 2019 album Artemis. After receiving the song for collaboration, Stirling says Mako's lyrics that perfectly captured her feelings came to him "super fast" and swears there had to be some angels who helped along the way. "My dad was a writer, my best friend Bobby who passed away was a writer as well," she explains, "and I can't help but think that they had a hand in giving that download."

Get all caught up with Lindsey's 2021 tour plans in the full interview above, and be sure to congratulate her on the big 10-year milestone! Here's to another decade, Lindsey!

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