A Prince Love Symbol Statue Has Been Installed at Paisley Park

Fans can visit the statue before entering Paisley Park

Visitors to Paisley Park will notice a brand new statue symbolizing the late Prince.

No, it’s not a statue of the Purple One gracing the entrance. Instead, it’s a statue of Prince’s iconic Love Symbol that stands outside the late singer’s studio and estate.

The Love Symbol looms large at eleven feet tall and six feet wide and features a plaque with lyrics from Prince’s 1985 song “Paisley Park” on the base. It reads, “For love is the color/ This place imparts (Paisley Park)/ Admission is easy, just say you/ Believe and come to this/ Place in your heart/ Paisley Park is in your heart.”

The plaque is placed at the entrance to Paisley Park where fans will be able to take photos and pay tribute before making their way into the compound. While it costs $45 for a ticket to enter Paisley Park, fans will be able to visit the statue for free.

“We're beyond excited to share with you all our new Love Symbol here at Paisley Park! Stop by (for free) during business hours, take a pic and continue spreading Prince's legacy 💜,” Paisley Park’s official Instagram account captioned a post.

Recently, a petition in Minneapolis was created asking local leaders to replace the city’s statue of Christopher Columbus with one of Prince.

“Rather than glorify a man who wanted to extinguish Black and Native peoples, we should honor members of our community whose leadership we find inspirational,” the petition said before adding, “Prince represents Minnesota values and Columbus does not.”

The campaign collected just over 12,500 signatures before it ended.

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