Young boy gives up his meal to a family turned away from McDonald's drive-thru for not having a car


A story with a happy ending and a happy meal!

A mom shared her son's recent fast-food good deed on Twitter.

Sheree Claire explained that a man tried to get his son a Happy Meal in the drive-thru, but since he didn’t have a car, McDonald’s employees “refused to serve him.”

“We offered to get his son a happy meal, McDonald’s refused to serve us. So my son went over & gave his meal to the boy,” she wrote.

After seeing the young boy get denied food, her 12-year-old son Niall generously offered up his meal.

The post was accompanied by a photo showing a man standing at the drive-thru window.

Claire posted a follow-up tweet explaining that “McDonald’s said nobody was allowed to buy the boy a meal so sad. And he had a mask and I can’t see much difference when McDonald’s do Uber eats delivery etc."

According to The Sun, the incident happened at a McDonald’s in Leeds, West Yorkshire in England.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all McDonald’s locations are closed indoor dining; only drive-thru is available. The outlet noted that the staff did not allow her to purchase a meal for the boy because of “new COVID rules.”

In a statement, obtained by the outlet, a spokesperson for McDonald’s said: "For the health and safety of our people and our customers, we are unable to serve customers on foot in our Drive-Thru lanes.”

The franchise also clarified that in this specific instance, the “team asked the customer to go to the restaurant entrance so they could safely assist them, but unfortunately, the customer left."

The 39-year-old mom said she was “obviously” proud of her son “because he didn’t have to do that and he has given up his meal for somebody else.

“And he knew that he wouldn’t get a meal - it’s not like he goes to McDonald’s often because I don’t have a car,” she added.

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