Fisherman shares terrifying video of his boat surrounded by hundreds of sharks

The Australian fisherman was only 3.4 miles from shore
Photo credit vchal

For many, the further they venture out into the ocean the more they begin to contemplate a potential run in with a shark. However, as one fisherman learned recently, you don’t have to go too far from shore to encounter a shark. Video of the fisherman’s shark experience went viral recently, as his boat was quickly surrounded by hundreds of sharks while only 3.4 miles offshore.

Wayne McManus was fishing at night last week in Australia, when all of a sudden he noticed hundreds of sharks swimming underneath his trawler. “I’ve been fishing for, you know, more than 30 years and it just seems to be escalating each year so that there are more and more,” said McManus of the experience. According to the fisherman, this is not a unique experience for that area, north of the Gold Coast Seaway in Australia.

The sharks seen in the video were mostly bronze whaler sharks, also called copper sharks or narrowtooth sharks. Most viewers agreed; experiencing that many sharks at once would be too much to handle. There likely won’t be too many venturing out into those waters any time soon.

Via Fox News