Newly-elected Senator Jon Ossoff is a huge Imagine Dragons fan, for good reason

Ossoff and the Dragons drummer share a connection...
Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff and Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds
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It's always an interesting exercise diving into politicians' playlists. You never know who's going to be revealed as a huge K-Pop stan or former punk rocker.

Freshly elected Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff has recently been uncovered as a big fan of Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons -- and for a pretty darn good reason.

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Back in 2012, when the "Radioactive" group had just dropped their debut album Night Visions, Ossoff replied to a Tweet from music purveyor Pitchfork gently nudging them to review the band's new release.

It seems, however, there's more to the story. Podcaster Josie Duffy Rice has pointed out that Ossoff graduated High School with Dragons drummer Daniel Platzman.

After the old Tweet resurfaced, Pitchfork's music reviews editor Jeremy D. Larson finally wrote back to the Senator yesterday, albeit a few years too late, with a beautifully hipsteresque explanation.

"Mr. Ossoff, sir, I am sorry we never wrote up the new Imagine Dragons album. This is hard to explain but during this era of the site," he says, "we thought it would ‘say more’ about the album when we didn’t review it? Does that make sense? Good luck with everything.”

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Imagine Dragons are currently working on new music for the new year, songs frontman Dan Reynolds says are some of his favorites the band has ever written.

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