Hershey's set to debut 'Kit Kat Thins' as newest candy of 2021


Biting into a Kit-Kat bar just got a little bit easier.

Hershey’s famous candy bar Kit Kat is redefining their crunch with an even thinner version of the wafer-thin candy bar.

The new candy bar will have very few differences from the original chocolate and wafer combo everyone loves. Customers will now be able to enjoy a little more wafer, and a lot more crunch.

Kit Kat lovers will have to wait until March 2021 to get their hands on the new and improved "Kit Kat Thin," according to Delish.com. The new candy option will be available in either individually wrapped share bags or in the original sized bars.

Photos of the new candy bar were released thanks to candy-loving Instagram account @Candyhunting.

“New Kit Kat Thins are expected to launch in March 2021 in the US! These have two wafers in the center rather than the traditional three,” the caption reads.

Hershey’s candy company recently announced that they are already preparing for the upcoming chocolate season in 2021. The company is eyeing Valentine’s Day and Easter with a new candy lineup.

Valentine’s Day will introduce Meltaway Roses, which feature the iconic milk chocolate shell with a velvety meltaway center. Each piece is wrapped in red and green foil with a rose design, which makes it the perfect romantic gift for a loved one.

Customers can also buy the Hershey’s milk chocolate Bear and Hershey's Hugs & Kisses Heart Box, which features an assortment of classic milk chocolate Kisses And Hugs with a white creme and chocolate center.

Reese's Peanut Butter Rose and Reese's Big Box O' Love will also be available.

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