‘Home Alone 2’ actress Brenda Fricker says holidays can be ‘very dark’ time for elderly during quarantine


Brenda Fricker, the woman who played the pigeon lady in “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” is speaking out about the hardships of living alone during a global pandemic.

The 75-year-old actress recently spoke about her experience on an appearance “The Ray D’Arcy Show,” according to People Magazine.

"I would be lying if I said that it would be a nice and happy Christmas because ... I'm old and I live alone. It can be very dark," she said.

While many families gather together watch the famous 1992 movie staring Mccaulay Culkin, Fricker spends it watching movies alone.

"I just turn the phone off and put the blinds down. I do pre-record some good programs, and I have my dog and I get myself through it that way," she continued. "I don't want to be sounding kind of negative but it is a different kind of Christmas, that's all."