This 'WAP' mask parody is perfect, and Cardi B is on board

'Wear A Mask, Please'
Cardi B
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In an effort to lessen the spread of COVID-19, and increase the spread of safety precautions against it, students from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health put together a creative and informative spin of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s mega hit “WAP.” While the remake is slightly cringey, we’d say not wearing a mask is even more, so we’re here for it, and so is Cardi.

Dubbed “WAmP” (Wear A Mask, Please), the parody aims to help people understand how important it is to actually wear a face covering and “not just hold it as a prop.” The song also includes other lyrics that point to social distancing and other you would hope obvious instructions, like not wearing the mask on your chin, and making sure it covers both our mouth and nose.

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Speaking to The Baltimore Sun about the project, Nick Moran, the associate director for audience engagement at the Bloomberg School, hopefully noted, “What if Cardi B retweeted it?" While Noah Johnson, a senior computer science major who appeared in the video added, “At the very least, I hope that people who are wearing masks get a good laugh out of it because, you know, we’re living in kind of a bleak time. I hope that people can see that there’s still fun to be had, and they’ll smile at the video.”

Well the internet did as the internet does, and the video eventually made it’s way to Cardi who shared it with her 15.6 million Twitter followers.

Featured on the parody’s cover art are the songs credited artists, “Thee Mental Notes” and “Birdi Jay” aka John Hopkins’ mascot, the Blue Jay and the star of the music video.

Speaking of, check out the creatively cringey corniness “WAmP” has to offer below and don’t forget to wear a mask.

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