Mom reveals daughter's fish tank completely froze due to brutal winter storm in Texas


Over the last few days, Texans have endured drastic winter weather.

Due to the freezing temperatures, the state of Texas is currently under a state of emergency.

Locals, who are mostly accustomed to warm weather, have been battling the extreme weather and sharing their experiences online.

Videos of pipes bursting in homes due to historic power outages and plummeting water pressure have made their way onto TikTok.

One woman in Amarillo, Texas took it a step further when she revealed what the weather did to her daughter’s fish tank.

Reni King explained to Buzzfeed that her family, like many others living in the Lone Star state, were not equipped for the wintry mix.

Their home is also not built to endure a cold snap, which meant that they had to take shelter at a hotel for a few nights with their infant daughter.

"Ever since Sunday the cold has not let up, and the snow keeps coming down," the 25-year-old explained.

Her pets mostly stayed in the heated rooms, but the fishtank was located in her daughter’s room, which was not heated.

When the family returned home, she found the whole tank had frozen over.

The pet molly fish was somewhere inside the block of ice.

"I was very much surprised. I never knew that that could really happen," she told the outlet.

She posted the video on TikTok with the caption: “This is what it’s like living in Texas right now.”

'Look at my daughter's fish tank,' she said in the clip, adding, 'Oh my gosh...Yeah, that fish is dead.'

The video has amassed over 23 million views.

While she suspected the molly fish did not survive, many on TikTok told her not to lose hope just yet.

"But he looks very much dead to us," she noted after warming up the room.

According to, mollies can survive in cold water, but since they are tropical fish, low temperatures can be detrimental and they need warm water to thrive.

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