MusicTown Detroit Hosts DPS Education Event

CMU Upward Bound
Photo credit Central Michigan University

MusicTown Detroit recently partnered with Upward Bound and Voice Art Detroit to bring a very special event to the students of Detroit Public Schools.

The event consisted of 3 rotating, hands-on classes utilizing Musictown's Recording Studio, Performance Lounge and the stage of Detroit House of Comedy.

The Music Production Class, held in the Performance Lounge, included audio recording, beatmaking and songwriting taught by D. Cipher.

Students recorded their own voices and wrote lyrics that were then added to professional productions.

music prod
Dominique from D. Cipher Photo credit Musictown Detroit

The Voice Art Class, held in the Recording Studio, taught techniques for voice acting, script reading and commercial recording.

Students took turns reading and recording scripts from video games, news reports and popular commercials.

voice art
Angela from Voice Art Detroit Photo credit MusicTown Detroit

The Professional Branding Class was led by Adwater Media on the Detroit House of Comedy stage.

The presentation taught students the importance of professional image and reputation for both business and personal success.

Adwater Media teaches branding Photo credit MusicTown Detroit

Following class sessions, Olympia Entertainment provided an in-depth tour of the historic Fox Theatre.

Students learned the rich history of its creation, architecture, and the current operations of the facility.

fox theatre
Fox Theatre Photo credit MusicTown Detroit

A huge thank you to our partners Voice Art Detroit, D. Cipher Music Collective, Adwater Media, Olympia Entertainment, Hockeytown Cafe, Fox Theatre and Detroit House of Comedy for coming together to give back to our great community

More educational workshops coming soon to MusicTown Detroit - Powered by Your Metro Detroit Ram Truck Dealers!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Central Michigan University