George Clooney pretended to be Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton in order to pull off priceless pranks

George Clooney
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That George Clooney’s a real rascal.

Clooney and Julia Roberts stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week to promote their new rom-com “Ticket to Paradise” but a large part of the conversation revolved around Clooney’s penchant for pranks.

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Turns out he’s been sending letters as other famous folks like former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his close buddy Brad Pitt.

He once snagged a pad of Pitt’s stationary and wrote a letter to the legendary Meryl Streep.

“I sent her a letter years ago with a bunch of CDs that were a dialect coach,” the “Michael Clayton” actor recalled. “And I sent it from Brad, a bunch of CDs to Meryl Streep. I said, ‘This guy helped me with my accent in ‘Troy,’ I thought maybe he could help you.’ Meryl said she avoided Brad for like five years!”

Not stopping with Hollywood A-listers, Clooney’s jokes have stretched into the political sphere as well. Like the time he got ahold of Bill Clinton’s White House stationary.

“The White House stationary of Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton’s actual stationary,” he said. “And I send actors all the time letters from Bill Clinton about much he loved their movie. Which I guarantee they’re hanging up in their homes. So, if anyone’s watching, take the picture down, take it down.”

Got ‘em!

“Ticket to Paradise” hits theaters Oct. 21.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Hulu