John Stamos reveals he wanted the Olsen twins fired from ‘Full House’

John Stamos
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Uncle Jessie had had enough!

Appearing on Josh Peck’s “Good Guys” podcast, John Stamos told the host he nearly got Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen axed from “Full House”, where the twins portrayed the role of Michelle Tanner from 1987-1995.

According to Stamos, the at the time nearly one-year-old twins were not reacting well to a scene where Stamos’ character and Dave Coulier’s were taking care of the infant while the father (Bob Saget) was away.

“[Dave] and I were changing the baby,” Stamos said. “We’re carrying the baby downstairs, I think I was holding on to the their armpits and Dave was holding her little feet. We take her into the kitchen and hosed her down, we put a fan on her, wrapped her up in paper towels. She was screaming.”

Stamos continued, “Both of them, they wanted to be anywhere else but there, and so did I. They were 11-months-old, and Gold bless them. And they kept switching.”

When the screaming wouldn’t stop, Stamos remembered believing the twins weren’t cut out for the small screen.

“I said, ‘This is not going to work, guys,’ and I screamed it 10 times,” he recalled. “I said, ‘Get rid of them, I can’t work like this.’”

The show’s producers brought in “two red-headed kids” that didn’t work out.

“I’m sure their parents loved them and thought they were attractive,” Stamos jokingly remarked.

“I said, ‘Bring the Olsens back, these kids are terrible!” He said. “It was a day or something, we tried the other kids, it didn’t work.”

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