Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad end decade old drama from ‘Laguna Beach’

Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad
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It’s all good between Kristin and LC.

The two former stars of MTV’s reality show “Laguna Beach” hashed things out on Cavallari and Stephen Coletti’s (also “Laguna Beach” star) podcast about the show, “Back to the Beach.”

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The early-aughts reality show had many conflicts but one staying issue was a love triangle between the three on the podcast’s episode.

“My take on it is, you and I never really had any beef,” Cavallari said to Conrad. “Obviously there was a little truth to what happened with the three of us, but I felt like MTV coming kept it alive and made it way worse than it ever would have been.”

The pair talked about how they were in a tiff a week before the show started filming, from a fight they had at a school dance. They claimed it was resolved shortly afterward.

Conrad explained, “This is what I remember: I remember everything happened and then was it… Formal? It was like the week before they started filming, we got into it and then made up. It was fine. And they [MTV] came… I don’t think we were best friends, but we were fine.”

She continued, saying MTV ran with the short spat. “I think they saw this as a starting point and then they ran with it. Which I get – it made for an interesting show.”

Conrad then apologized for her actions during the show’s infamous spring break episode where she called Cavallari a “slut.”

“I couldn’t believe I did that,” Conrad said. “Because I think we’re I’m at now – I would never call another woman that, or girl. And it was, for me, the most embarrassing moment, like, ‘Oh gross.’”

Cavallari accepted.

“My thing is, when I watch it now, I’m like, I wasn’t confident at all. I was actually so insecure, and I took it out on you in a lot of ways. And I am sorry for that, because I said some horrible things,” Cavallari added.

The discussion also touched on the love triangle with co-host Coletti. The trio discussed how their love lives were very different than what MTV was putting on air, but they understood why the show played out like it did.

Check out Conrad's "Back to the Beach" episode on Audacy right here.

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