Channing Tatum got so star-struck meeting Matt Damon he ‘almost didn’t recover’

Channing Tatum
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What would you do if you met a Hollywood A-lister? If you’d lose your cool, then you’re in good company, because that’s exactly what happened to Channing Tatum when he met Matt Damon.

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The “Magic Mike” star told Entertainment Weekly that even remembering how he reacted the first time he met Damon makes him break into a “cold sweat.”

Tatum shared that he first met the star of “The Martian” in 2011 at a hotel bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico with director Steven Soderbergh.

Tatum was having a drink with the Oscar winner because he was filming the movie “Haywire,” and the moment Damon showed up his emotions mimicked the name of the film. He shared that he is such a fan that he was “beside myself” and started the conversation by asking Damon, who is famously from Boston, where he’s from.

“Everyone on the planet knows where Matt Damon is from, and he obviously knows that I know where Matt Damon is from, and I almost didn’t recover,” said Tatum.

Though he’s worked with his fair share of celebrities, Tatum says that he tries to avoid meeting “famous people” or even people that he admires because of how he reacts.

However, Damon “knew I was freaking out and just didn’t even acknowledge it. Because he’s such a personable guy, he just took care of me in that moment and answered me.”

Tatum continued, noting that “it was like nothing ever happened. He was just like, ‘oh, I’m from Boston. Where are you from?’ and I was like ‘I’m from Florida.’ In my head I just kept screaming ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’”

The two actors are “friendly now” and Tatum said that he “can kind of, sort of keep it together today.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images