Orlando Bloom details how he got his watches back after they were stolen by the Bling Ring

Orlando Bloom
Photo credit Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Orlando Bloom was among the group of Hollywood celebrities whose homes were broken into by an infamous robbery group in 2009.

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The Bling Ring, which targeted stars based in Los Angeles to steal their possessions, including clothing and jewelry, was the subject of a 2013 book and movie of the same name, but Bloom thinks that how he managed to get some of the stolen items back should be translated to the big screen.

“I mean, honestly, I think it was Sofia Coppola who made ‘The Bling Ring,’ but the movie of my getting the watches back probably would’ve been better,” he told James Corden on “The Late Late Show.”

Bloom shared that when the Bling Ring broke into his home, which he shared with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, “they took a lot of things. It was a really weird situation,” he said, sharing that the group took a “stash of watches.”

The “very expensive watches” were not stored in a safe because that had not occurred to Bloom “at that point in my life.”

Three months later, Bloom was contacted by the person he’d purchased some of the watches from who told him that he thought the stolen goods were surfacing, but that he’d likely have to pay to get them back.

Bloom eventually got the contact information of the person who was trying to sell his watches and after “three to six months” of Bloom calling him repeatedly, he found out where that person’s pawn shop was and decided to stop by.

“I wired myself. I had a little microphone… I called a private detective and I said ‘what do I do?’ and he said ‘just get one of those little voice recorders. Get one of these and do it.’” Bloom then went to the pawn shop and where the seller was “freaked out” and asked him to come back the following day.

Bloom returned, and said that he was willing to avoid involving the police but he wanted to get his watches back. “He’s like ‘I’ve gotta go around. I’ve gotta rough some people up.’ I said, ‘Well, let’s go! Let’s go! I’ll rough some people up,’” detailed the actor, sharing that the man said he couldn’t do it right then.

“So I leave,” said Bloom, but on his way home, the man asked him to return to the store, where he presented him with five of the ten stolen watches.

“On the table in his office is a box. I open it and I just started to cry… That market is so peculiar, like, how do you offload the kinds of watches that I had collected? It was very challenging. I got them back and that was that,” he said.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images