2 Chainz on the significance and stresses of Georgia's runoff elections

The polls are open in Georgia
2 Chainz
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about Georgia’s upcoming Senate runoff elections. And while unless you’re a Georgia native, there isn’t much you can do, many artists have been using their platforms to speak up and out, stressing the importance of voting to those living in the state.

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Doing his part, Georgia native 2 Chainz checked in with V-103 and RADIO.COM's Greg Street on election day eve to talk about this particular elections significance along with its stresses.

“I already voted, I’ve been doing my part in trying to bring awareness about the election and this year being so important,” 2 Chainz expressed. Adding, “I’ll be happy when all this stuff is over… I think it’s stressful. Every commercial, the multiple text messages, but I think its needed. They’re stressing how important this election is, so I think everyone should go out and exercise their right to vote”

Without outright saying who to vote for, 2 Chainz advised those listening, “you wanna vote for somebody that is like-minded, some type of person in position that could… represents your idea. Someone that supports the citizens that vote for it.”

“That’s my take on giving people game on going to the polls and having some type of direction,” the “I’m Different” rapper went on to say. “Vote for somebody that shares your like-minded ideas, and will bring change to your community.”

As 2 Chainz noted, all eyes are on Georgia at the moment, "so make sure you guys out, there’s a lot of people trying to spread the word out in Atlanta, a lot of artists… just trying to make sure this is historical, monumental and a day to remember.”

It total agreement, Greg talked briefly about the past weekends rally in Clayton County, where he along with many notable locals and county residents came together, “balled out and brought awareness to everything thats going on,” in regards to the election.

Giving props where their due, Chainz who grew up in College Park, part of Clayton County, praised Street’s efforts. “I saw you out there holding it down, shout out to all the vendors as well as the people that came out. That’s what it’s about, pulling the resources together, connecting the dots in the neighborhood and the community. Hopefully this thing will pay off for us.”

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