Alicia Keys Talks About Her Favorite Tracks on 'ALICIA'

Her new album is officially out now!
By , Audacy

Alicia Keys virtually caught up with Big Tigger from Atlanta’s V-103 and RADIO.COM to discuss her new album and exchange congratulations.

Tig got right to it, congratulating Keys on her new album, ALICIA, that is officially out now, asking her how it feels. “It feels amazing,” Alicia said, “I feel so good, I just feel like in my zone, in my element, I feel just like great," adding there wasn’t much to say besides that.

Yeah, we’d have to agree that pretty much covers it, especially when seeing just how excited and glowing Alicia looks when she talks about her latest project.

Keys' new self-titled album is her "most vulnerable," and Tigger asked her to explain just what that means. Alicia shared that with this album she’s really learned a lot more about herself, expressing she’s “gotten so much more open to expressing all the sides,” which is why she wanted to call the album ALICIA. “You know you have your personality that you put forth the most, but then there’s all these different other sides of you that maybe you don’t know as well, or you don’t take as much time to get into… or your scared of,” she shared. This album is about exploring all those different sides of you “that make you a whole person.”

For Alicia, this album has a raw and honest quality, which we could argue isn’t something new for the singer. But we wont because another thing Alicia did divulge was her struggle to express her anger, and we most definitely do not want to be a contributing factor to that. Alicia shared, “it takes me so long to finally get to the point where like I’m not havin’ it no more,” and actually said she wants to get to know that side of her better. Hmmm, okay then maybe we will bring it up. One song off the album that particular speaks to that energy is track one, “Truth Without Love”

After asking Tigger which parts of himself he wasn’t too familiar with, Alicia introduced the music video to her first single off the album “Show Me Love” featuring Miguel, which we recommend you watch if you haven’t already.

Afterwards Tigger and Alicia took a little deeper dive into some of the other songs on the album, including “Jill Scott” which actually features Jill Scott, which transpired after Alicia called Jill to congratulate her after her Verzuz battle. The next track up for discussion was “You Save Me” featuring Snoh Aalegra, Alicia could barely contain her excitement, exclaiming “that song right there!” And before getting into the music video for track number nine, “So Done” feating Khalid, Alicia made fun of Tigger’s purple lights and let us know that the song is about not holding yourself back and about not having to “hide yourself or hold you tongue.”

As of midnight ALICIA is officially out, so if you haven’t already listened to it, first of all, what are you doing? Second of all go listen to it now!

For all that and more watch Tigger’s entire interview with Alicia Keys above.

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